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Rio Parade Carnival Tickets

Ticket Rio Carnival 2025

One of the Biggest Seller of Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade Sambadrome Tickets.

Ticket Rio Carnaval is part of Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade Sambadrome for over 10 years. Our travel agency specializes in the Rio carnival tickets and it is located in a phisical store in Barra da Tijuca. We offer all types of rio carnival tickets for the Sapucai. Our package always includes gifts, sometimes transfer and any assistant you might need. Enjoy the greatest show on earth in the grandstand seats tickets, front boxes, luxury Covered suites or VIP Super lounge tickets.


With thirty thousand participants doing the samba along the half mile runway, and a space large enough to accommodate over 90,000 spectators, the Sambadrome is undoubtedly the biggest stage on earth. The stadium was specially designed for the Samba Parade at the Rio Carnival with a number of independent sectors with box seats and grandstands on both sides of the parade runway. For varied reasons, the stadium is every carnival designer’s favorite, who keep the Sambadrome in mind when creating their theme for the Carnival. The atmosphere at the Sambadrome on Carnival nights is truly electrifying. The stadium is well lit up with special effects, while the resounding cheers of the spectators and the pulsating rhythms of the samba beats can be heard for miles around.

Rio Carnival Sambadrome Tickets

Seating in the Sambadrome is divided into 5 classe of services provided. The Sambadrome tickets may be purchased according to the budget you have. All kind of tickets are good but the choice really depends on what you are looking for. Bellow you will find some informations about the Grandstand seats, Open box, Allocated chair, Traditional Covered VIP Suite and the Super Lounge Covered box.


Types of Rio Carnival Tickets

The first thing you should consider is the
types of tickets you wish to purchase. There are five options:


The biggest seller. Great overview from where most of the Brazilian prefer to watch the parade. Very affordable and exciting place to be. No numbered seats which means that you’ll have to hold your place all night long. Also, It’s a good idea to get a little early in order to get the best possible seats.

Frisas are considered the best seats for those who just care about watching the parade. They do not have any service included but they are very close to the parade and it is numbered seats. Frisas has 4 rows, and the price depend of each row you get. Th row A is just beside the avenue and the most expensive one. Rows B, C and D has a higher step than the other so no row is in front of the other (blocking the view), providing a good view from any row.


Other names: Numbered Chairs, Cadeiras de Pista, Assigned Chairs. The allocated chairs are only located at sector 12 or 13 (end part of sambadrome). They are more affordable than open box and people like them because they are numbered seats. In front of the 2 firsts roes of the allocated chairs you will find open boxes for sector 12/13. Most of the people love it or they don’t like it al all.


Other names: Luxor Covered Suites, Camarotes, Private Suites.
The traditional camarotes are locates in the first or second floor of sambadrome. The 1rst floor are up to 15 persons and 2nd floor (has a balcony) are up to 18 people. They are small areas but with VIP All-Inclusive service. You can buy a single ticket and share the place with other customers or buy the whole box for your group of friend or company. They are more indicated for people who wants VIP services with privacy.

The Super Camarotes are huge areas for over 700 hundred people usually has 2 floors and offers All-Inclusive Services (VIP Buffet, Transfer in/Out, Open Bar) and many atractions such as Spa, Make up Beauty center, Live shows in the breaks, Djs and others. All Super Camarotes has an area in the first floor called “Lounges” where you can see the samba parade very close to the avenue (where it suppose to be the open boxes). Super VIP Lounges Covered boxes are really fun and great experience and it’s also a fun party. Ticket Rio offer the follows Super Camarotes: Folia Tropical, Global Executive e Lounge Carioca.

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